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Scientifically proven, high performance, multisurface, thin film nano coatings made by a team of scientists and engineers that inactivates and kind of virus, bacteria or fungi by its structual damage with 99.9% efficiency. Our coatings last from upto 30 days to 3 months and are non-toxic and hydrophobic. We are an ISO, GMP certifed company and all our coatings are tested by NABL accredited laboratory in India and a government approved laboratory in South America. Our coatings are also validated by Surface Tension Laboratory - Chemistry Department, Panjab University.

Why Choose Nano Technology Based Antimicrobial Coatings Of Nano VOX?

1.Hygienic and clean: Nano protection makes surfaces of all kinds easier to clean and disinfect. With a special antimicrobial coating, this effect can be amplified for use in the health, food-industry and even homes.
2.Water-repellent: A thin layer of NanoVox coatings makes water simply slide off surfaces without leaving a mark. Be it “neverwet” fabric or a ceramic coating for car, plane, boat and other vehicles – NanoVox offers flexible solutions for a durable water repellent: hydrophobic coating solution.
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Our coatings protect 300 plus surfaces like: Cell phones, laptop, water bottles, tabletop, ATM touch screen, lift buttons, toilet seat, faucets, doorknobs and handles, car steering, toys, books, handrails Office cabins, cafeteria, reception, toilets, restaurants, malls, shops, diagnostic centers, blood testing centers, COVID wards, ambulances, wheelchairs, patient room/bed, banks, ATMs, Elevators, common areas of RWAs, public dealing offices, buses, taxis, trains, airports, schools, children parks, gyms and many more


disinfectant certification nano vox
disinfectant certification nano vox

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