Why Choose Nano ?

Hygienic and clean:

Nano protection makes surfaces of all kinds easier to clean and disinfect. With a special antimicrobial coating, this effect can be amplified for use in the health, food-industry and even homes.


A thin layer of NanoVox coatings makes water simply slide off surfaces without leaving a mark. Be it “neverwet” fabric or a ceramic coating for car, plane, boat and other vehicles – NanoVox offers flexible solutions for a durable water repellent: hydrophobic coating solution.

Durable and resilient:

Countertops, screens, car-lacquer, building materials and more – all of these things are prone to be scratched or damaged through daily use. Nano protection makes it possible to keep surfaces safe from signs of typical wear and tear, making them more resilient and thereby prolonging their lifespan.
Safe against UV-rays, high temperatures and corrosion: Our nano protection products will withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C. The thin layer of nano coating will also protect materials of all kinds from corrosion or bleaching through water, UV-rays and other environmental influences.

Sustainable and ecological:

Sustainable textiles are just one example of how nano protection can increase a materials lifespan. Use our environmentally friendly and durable products to keep waste to a minimum.


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