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NANO-VOX’s is a premier research and commercialisation organisation focused on solving problems at the molecular level using nanotechnology. Our growth strategy is to aggressively pursue Nanotech research opportunities, primarily focused in the area of improving commercial products used in day-to-day activities. By focusing on improvements and innovations in the commercial sector, we strongly believe that we can come to market with commercially viable products on a more rapid time frame.

This business model affords the Company the opportunity to more quickly achieve profitability with a lower degree of risk to our investors. Our experience is that the most significant nanotechnology progress has been achieved in research involving commercial applications and this sector will provide innovative and evolutionary products that can be ramped up for large-scale manufacture and sale to the general public.

Areas of such commercial applications include:

  1. Antimicrobial nano coatings for all types of surfaces
  2. Fire retardant and escalation nano materials
  3.  Antimicrobial nano air filters
  4.  Antimicrobial nano water filters

We have developed extensive intellectual property that is expanding the boundaries of nano-materials technologies by enabling the development and manufacturing of new generations of materials, devices, components and applications. Through licensing, joint ventures, co-development partnerships and spin-offs, NANO-VOX delivers high impact, innovative technology solutions for specific applications across a broad range of industries.


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